Elon Was Right About Bots

Elon was right about bots. 

5th Column is an AI that detects bots on social media. After analyzing  1.269M  accounts on X.com (formerly known as Twitter), 5th Column AI predicts that approximately  64%  of the accounts currently analyzed are potentially bots as seen in Graph 1. 

How does 5th Column work?  

5th Column AI scrutinizes accounts and their engagers, by analyzing the attributes of an account and then makes an assessment if the account is likely human or bot. When the AI suspects that the account might not be human, it then predicts a percentage score of the probability of that account being a bot. The rationale is simple: the higher the percentage, the higher the likelihood the account is a bot. 

As illustrated in Graph 2, these assessment scores are distributed across percentiles which allows us to have a higher confidence in the AI’s assessment and understand how certain in aggregate the AI is. 

Bot Breakdown: Two Graphs  

Graph 1A:  This pie graph shows the total number of accounts 5th Column has assessed as being human or bot as a percentage.

Graph 1B:  This pie chart shows only the flagged accounts. It is the percentage of flagged accounts as they were created before or after Elon Musk acquired X.com (formally known as Twitter). Noting that creation dates for twtter are hardcoded into the account and cannot be changed by humans.

Graph 2:  This graph shows the percentile breakdown of all accounts 5th Column has assessed. The percentile is breakdown is divided by 10s. With this bar graph you can clearly see the distribution of accounts assessed by 5th Column and their likelihood of being bots.

Note: This blog post is a dynamic page, and the data is updated daily. The last update was on Dec 15, 2023.


By 5th ColumnApril 10, 2024 7:46 AM