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Defeat Bots with AI

Advertising fraud is an annual $100 billion crime *Association of National Advertisers

  • Identify the difference between bots and humans
  • Track what the bots are saying
  • Assess the disinformation strategy
  • Target the platform operators

Modern technologies

AI Bot Detection

AI Bot Detection

We use modern AI and Machine Learningto identify Twitter bots and uncover fake accounts.

Engagement Analysis

Engagement Analysis

We analyze the engagement of Twitter accounts to determine if they are real or fake.

Engagement Analysis

Account Scoring

We use proprietary multifaceted algorithmsto score Twitter accounts bot probability.

About Fifth Column

Fifth Column is an AI-powered company focused on detecting Twitter bots and uncovering hidden forces on social media. Our advanced technology utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to identify and combat inauthentic behavior.

We focus particularly targeting disinformation campaigns that impact elections, public health, and companies. By analyzing engagement patterns and utilizing proprietary algorithms, we accurately score Twitter accounts for their likelihood of being bots, providing users with valuable insights and promoting transparency in the online world.

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